COVID-19 Relief

Although we had a shelter in place order here in NY and NJ, we were able to get out to buy food and run necessary errands.

Our brothers in the Latin American countries that we have contact with, had a totally different reality.

They had to endure a complete quarantine, with just one or two one-hour windows per week for a family member to go out to buy food. As the weeks turned into months, many began to suffer hunger as they were out of work, and without the funds necessary to provide for their daily needs.

That’s where you ‘God’s hands and feet and pocketbooks’ came to the rescue.

We presented the needs of our hungry brothers on our Youtube broadcasts and God”s people did what they do best. You responded by giving generously so that we could extend a helping hand.

Thank You.

We were able to minister to the material needs of folks in Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Panama. Our brothers in Peru and Venezuela seized the opportunity to use meals as an inroad into the lives and homes of many in their neighborhoods. They opened the word of God and lovingly tried to point many to the only one who can satisfy their spiritual hunger. May the seeds that were planted bear much fruit.

This family is currently living at our mission’s apartment in Peru. We are so grateful for the labor of love that they performed.

With the funds that we provided, they would go shopping and make baskets of food to give to those in need. They are so thankful for the help that was extended to them, by having free room and board, they gladly accepted the opportunity to supply for the needs of others who they knew were less fortunate.

As believers, we know that history is His Story. This pandemic is not over, but we remain unwavering. God is still in control. As he continues to write the pages of his story, may we continue to be willing vessels in his hands. May we continue to be eager to complete his will, not expecting anything in return.

To God be all the glory and honor and praise.

The Edwards Family

In His Service.

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